Rules and Regulations

  1. All class payments are to be paid the first class of every month.
  2. No payments will be accepted without you signing your payment card. This is your proof of payment. If the card is not signed you did not pay.
  3. No students will be allowed to participate in classes unless accounts are up to date.
  4. A reminder will be sent out in the mail at the end of every month to those students who accounts are not satisfied.
  5. A $15.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks.
  6. Checks will not be accepted for those families who repeatedly bounce checks.
  7. All students must show up on time for classes.
  8. Proper dance attire must be worn for dance class at all times. Those students showing up in jeans will not be able to participate in class.
  9. If you are going to be absent from class you must call the studio. Three unexcused absents we assume you quit.
  10. If for some reason you will not be continuing classes have the courtesy to call and inform the studio.
  11. It is up to the class teacher if a student will perform in the show. Students with poor attendance may or may not be a part of the show.
  12. All students must attend dress rehearsal.
  13. The Scranton studio does two performance. It is not an option as to what night you will perform. All students must perform both nights.
  14. Senior solos are a courtesy extended by the studio. Seniors with poor attendance will not receive a senior solo.
  15. A candy sale will take place in October to help defray the cost of costumes. Once you sign a box out it is your responsibility to pay for it.
  16. In November all students are required to make a costume deposit. Costume deposits are non-transferable and non-refundable. Costumes will not be ordered unless the deposit has been paid in full.
  17. All costume deposits and candy money must be paid for on time. Any student failing to meet the deadlines will not be allowed to attend class until account is satisfied.
  18. All deadlines must be adhered to.
Scranton: 570-342-5436 | Carbondale: 570-282-3610


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